I Don't Feel Like It

I legit do NOT feel like it today.

By it, I mean everything and nothing at the same time.

Doesn't make sense does it?

I'm losing it, not my mind...just it.

I'm not mad, or hurt or unhappy...just bored with routine things.

I just want to watch Hey Arnold and eat cheesecake, but I'm trying to get my life together. *sighs*

I love writing about myself, and wearing dope clothes I bought off the clearance rack at Target, but today......

I just dressed in my librarian clothes (as my boyfriend calls it), blue pencil skirt, gray blouse and knee boots. The only texture I had in my fit, were the faux fur pockets on my cardigan.

Very boring.  

I just felt...underwhelmed, is that a word???

I didn't feel like doing the same routine again. It feels like a time warp. 

Wake up, check. (Thank God)

Snooze alarm, check.

Snooze alarm again, check.

Get up 15 minutes after the last snooze, check.

Rush out to drop the kid early enough to avoid carpool line traffic, check.

Slide into work somewhere between 8 and 8:07, check.

Work smart but not hard, as I multitask completing other various unrelated to work tasks, check.

4:58, I'm out. I gotta beat the rush of people trying to get on the elevator, check.

Grab the kid and contemplate on what I'm probably not going to cook, check.

Buy the food, and other items I do NOT need, check.


Put away the food I bought to cook, because I'm definitely not about that cooking life today, check.

Mentally put together my outfit for the next day, only to forget what I decided on the next morning, check.

Attempt to write a blog that will be visually appealing and reminiscent to my audience, check.

Repeat, 5 days a week until one day I say screw it.

Today was almost that day.

Nothing happened, I just didn't feel like my routine self.

Do you ever feel that way?

Just want to randomly do something different during the week?

But you need a GoFundMe for your lack of PTO and its just March?

How nice it would be to go to a dope coffee shop, and sip on the drink of your choice?

Maybe sit on a nearly vacant beach, soaking up some sun and reading a good book or magazine? 

Looking out the floor to ceiling windows of your dream home during a thunderstorm, snuggled beside your boo?

Riding through the country side, getting lost in the sea of farm land and animal herds?

That's what I felt like today.

Not Corporate America.

Although I legit didn't feel like it today,  I'm glad I had the opportunity to feel like something.




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