Wash Day

Let me just start out by saying that today was going to be my wash day but I changed my mind to make it Bennie's wash day, his process is less strenuous than mine....

Then BOOM! I took a nap.

So here we are, me explaining why I don't have time to be fronting like I just look forward to doing this. No shade to the people that enjoy wash day. I loathe it, with everything in me.

A little back story. I've always had hair. 

The End.

Moving along....

My wash day typically starts from the last time I washed my hair.

1. Ok cool, my hair is finally washed I'll do it again in two more weeks....yea right more like 3 and it will probably happen in the middle of the week.

Lets stop here.

I am not only doing a full wash day routine for myself, but also for #TheBennie. You would think that I'd be smart and set the routine for a specific day to accommodate the two of us, but I'm lazy. I am lazy with our hair more so because I dread the process. So usually the next step goes as such...

2. Let's be real Chalina, this deep conditioner is probably going to sit overnight at the least....a week at the most. Headwraps it is!

Listen, my style is pretty eccentric for corporate America anyway so I'll slap on a headwrap fill in my brows and go to work. When I wash out the conditioner, depends on if I have anything coming up I have to be cute for. Like cuter than usual, duh.  I've figured out its easier for me to plait my hair how I want it while its deep conditioning, then just rinse without taking the plaits loose. It cuts down on styling time, because I am not detangling, separating and parting all over again.

But wait there's more......

When I finally style my hair I use the LOC method. Leave in conditioner, Oil, Cream ( styling cream, hair milk). I also use gel. I take the plait loose and make sure my hair is heavily saturated with water. My hair soaks up water like rice. I run the products through, along with my denman brush, and finger curl the ends.

Repeat about 12 more times, now to dry.

3. Are you really going to let this dry completely?

Typically the only time my hair dries completely is if I have my life together at the moment. Most of the time I am taking it loose and its still damp, because drying it while driving with the windows down didn't work. LOL

The take down...

You should not rush this process, but of course I do. I snooze my alarm too much not too. SN: I'm the friend that says I am 5 minutes away and I hadn't left the house yet. Anyways, you don't rush the taking down process so that you don't get frizz. Some frizz is ok, but if you want the style to last, it's important to be careful. Take the plait loose with oil on your hands, pull the hair apart gently, where it separates naturally...or you will cause frizz. Then you have the option to fluff your hair or let it get big on its own as the days go by.

Day 3 hair is when I am at my best.

The maintenance....

I put my hair in ponytails "the pineapple" one in the top, one in the back...I may do more ponytails in the beginning to preserve the definition, but after about day 5 I don't care. I sleep in a bonnet, wake up take them down. I add a little oil, shake and shape and keep it moving.

My edges lose definition the fastest, so I'll do a style where I add bantu knots to look like I tried. Then when the top goes, I'll do top knots and add a headband.  Accessories are key ladies!!!!

Anyhow I am 2 plus weeks in, and as I type my top knots are killing my scalp! The ponytails are too tight and my scalp itches. I've managed to mask the dandruff, and I'm hoping I can do so until Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm just being honest LOL

Today was supposed to be wash day...

Until it wasn't. 


  1. Lol the struggle 😫 I can certainly relate! This is why I'm in protective styles most of the time. I'm going to show this to Des because he thinks me washing my hair once every 2-4 weeks is disgusting. trying to dry your hair with the car windows down took me OUT lmao!!!

  2. They don't get how tiresome it is. Real story, I've attempted to dry my hair multiple times while driving, it helps but d oesnt complete the task lol. Thanks for reading!!!


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