It's a blessing to have parents, that are financially literate, and teach you the keys to financial success. 

Teach you what type of jobs to aim for out of college, because building your way up from the bottom of the totem poll is hard. The parents that give their children solid financial advice, not allowing them to destroy their credit at an early age. The parents that don't kick their children out because they are grown. Parents that don't force their children to grow up, although they aren't ready. 

The parents that don't make you spend your check paying their bills, because you still live with them, type parents.

What a blessing.

The reality is, a lot of us didn't have it like that. We didn't know any better, so we inherited the bad habits of our parents.


Bouncing Checks.

Payday loans.

Credit Card Debit.

Taking out ridiculously large student loans.  No degree, or the degree you have ain't worth the paper its written on, because you still make under 40k.

Finances are tough.

It's easy to tell someone to save money, when you're excellent at saving money. 

It's easy to suggest a stay at home mother to get a job, to boost her income. Not knowing that the mom stays at home because she can't afford childcare.

Go get a voucher for a childcare subsidy you say? Nah, can't do that her head is just above the poverty level, she don't qualify.

Use your tax money? Can't do that when she's been robbing Peter to pay Paul all year, tax money is for catching up.

Empathy people.

Don't pity the struggling mom, dad, grandma or whomever...offer to help.  Someone had to help you at some point. No one is self sufficient by their own doing. 

Don't discourage them if all they can only afford to save, is five bucks a week. Encourage them and uplift them for saving something!

Talk to that stay at home mom about her talents. Anything she could incorporate as a side hustle. Talk to her about any programs that she may be eligible for that she hasn't exhausted just yet.

Start a club with other women of similar situations, help each other out.

We have to do better. We are so quick to judge what someone should be doing, when we hadn't even swept around our own doorstep.

Finances are a pain in the butt!

We all have to deal with them in one manner or another.

Anyone can conquer them. It takes maturity, humility, action, and planning.

If you know a college student that lacks the support of their family, fix them a meal.

You know a parent that needs just a couple of hours to work a part time job, offer to babysit.

That parent with the autistic children, comfort them, offer support in anyway you can. Pretending you don't see they need help is the problem.

Do something!

I love God, but prayer is NOT enough.

God gave us people, utensils, tools, abilities, and gifts not to use just for ourselves.  He gave us these things to be good stewards over. Give as it has been given to you. 

People struggle financially for a variety of reasons.
1. lack of education
2. don't care
3. divorce
4. death
5. unforeseen circumstance
6. past mistakes
7. etc

Life happens, even if we are offering a tool....and not your Flat tummy tea, It Works, Cash App, or Essential Oil schemes, offer something.

Something about these people out here selling dreams, grinds my gears!

"I filed for bankruptcy, got a divorce, my car was repossessed, and my credit score was a 450. If you want to know how I turned all of that around in 12 months, inbox me."

Nah, bruh.

There are legitimate ways to succeed financially. It sucks that it takes time, but it is what it is. Save a dollar here, a dollar there. You don't have to pay debts in full, set up arrangements. Open that mail. Ask questions. See which nights kids eat free at restaurants. Sell things you don't use.

Lastly, breathe.

You aren't alone. I am on my own personal financial journey as I type. Speak life over your circumstance. Take accountability of your circumstance. Take action over your circumstance. Once you've done all that you are capable of doing, God will intercede on your behalf. 



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