My Wombman

She's about 5'6 and a buck twenty soaking wet.

She's feisty, narcissistic at times, and never meets a stranger.

She'll tell you the same story a million times, and when you tell her she's told you already...she'll tell you again.

Her compassion and love for suing people, makes me wish she'd take the BAR. She'd make a great lawyer, plus she's incredibly smart.

Her food???!!!!! My God. Even when she couldn't make ends meet, the meals were mouth watering delicious.

But the thing that has had me awe struck my entire life......

Her beauty.

Her eyes, ears, and nose are perfect. Her skin is so soft. Her lips are full, and will read you for filth anyday! Moles and freckles decorate her face. From the brim of her nose, to the highlights of her cheeks.

Then the scars.....

Due to an accident in her twenties, she ended up with severe scaring on her face. She's had them my entire life, I don't know her without them.

Her scars are invisible to me.

Her beauty stuns me because it's more than skin deep. There's something so delicate and intricate about who God has allowed her to be, and it blows me away.

If I must be perfectly clear, I resented so many things about how I grew up. The frequent moving, the boyfriends (hers), being poor, and having to be the mother at times.... etc. I blamed her for everything.


I also had a ball. I got to walk to the store at an early age with friends, go to the candy lady, and buy snacks at the liquor house across the street. I skipped school, and my boyfriend got to come over all the time.....until that one time. I didn't have a curfew, and I got to use her license as a fake ID to get into the clubs.

Life wasn't bad, it was challenging.

Now that I am an adult. I am able to really see and wrap my head around the fact that I needed her just as much as she needed me. She taught me how to be tough, she held me down with Bennie when I wasn't trying to be a full time mom. I ate at her house for years, because I was too lazy to cook.

She's just...well she's incredible.

I love where her gray hairs gather, and how she always says "you know" a million times over the phone. I love how she manages to read one new person a week. I love how she will randomly cook a ton of food, pack it up in to go boxes and feed the homeless people. She's a pro at talking with a cigarette at the corners of her lips, and the way she makes her tea with the perfect amount of sugar and half and half has me drinking a cup whenever I go to visit.

God has a way of supplying needs we don't even know we have until after the experience is over. I now see that we needed to share the same space for one another. Instead of me being her mom, and trying to change her, she changed me. Just like God loves us scarred and all, I learned to love her through her scars. Our challenges aren't always meant for our understanding. Sometimes the process is meant to show someone else how to get through theirs. Let this be a testament to anyone reading to repair your relationships with your parents, you only get one of each.

My wombman.

I love you Mommy.



  1. this may be my new favorite. i immediately saw her in my head from your description.


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