The Truth

Being a mother is challenging.

Whether you are a single mother, you co-parent, married, divorced or widowed with children, it's tough. The cute baby pics on Instagram, and stellar report card pics are just a highlight. They don't describe half of the things we take on day in and out as parents.

I send my most sincere kudos to moms with more than one child, because there are days that I feel like I am losing it with my one.

I salute teachers who parent our children for 8 hours a day while we work.

I salute all mothers that juggle each task of her daily life, with bags under her eyes still managing to prepare dinner, get out clothes for the next day, make sure the kids make it to extracurricular activities on time, check homework, give baths, say prayers, read bedtime stories, and deal with the whining and crying that come along with it.

I salute the mothers that say "You know what? Not today." They make sure the kids eat and maybe take a bath and that's about it.

Let's be real, it's like that at times.

I've personally had "go for what you know" on several occasions. Noodles, Spaghetti O's, cereal????? Whatever you want as long as you eat.

I be tired.

I say it's tough, because the way I was raised isn't technically the way I should raise my son. We got whooped and that was the end of it. If my mama said so, there was no debating it. Now that I am a mom, I've learned that skinning my kid alive isn't an effective method of discipline for him. Taking things away from him doesn't work, because I've limited his use of electronics and watching television his entire life.

But........ he HATES wall sits.

So that's what we do, when I need to help him get his life.

My son is transitioning into a pre-teen. I am learning as the days go by how to talk to him, engage him, uplift him, and reprimand him. What worked in 3rd grade doesn't work in 4th grade. What works in front of strangers, doesn't work at home. My co-workers think that he is an angel, because he has always been well behaved coming to work with me.

But the SECOND  he can interact with other children, or not around me, we all know that changes.

He literally told me today he saw a dead squirrel once, and he touched it.

He was with his Grandma.

So of course I'm like "EW!!! You touched it?!!!!!"

He had to further explain that he poked it with a stick to see if it was dead, because the face was chewed off, and it moved when he poked it.

*shudders in disgust*

I said all of that to say that there's no way we can completely protect our children. Which makes parenting tough.

You want to shelter them to an extent, but what they don't learn at home they can and will, learn someplace else. Children live without inhibition, they are careless and naïve, and bold, and exuberant!!!!

As a mom with a 10 year old, I often look back and wish I could've done things differently. I get sad looking at his baby pictures, reminiscing on how cute and sweet he was. Differently with respect to teaching him more. Finding what he was good at earlier on, etc.

I don't know.

Truth is none of us do. If you are a decent person, you raise your kid to have morals and values, but we still don't know crap.

Why my kid not sleeping through the night? I did the exact same routine as Michelle, and my kid will not stop waking up screaming in the middle of the night!

I don't give them anything to drink a couple hours before bed, but some way they still manage to pee in it.

The kid refuses to put any effort into his school work, I want to boast and brag on his grades....but how do you boast and brag C's???

This kid has lost ANOTHER coat, they think money grow on trees.

You give your kid 5 bucks ONE time for the tooth fairy, because you didn't have change. Now they expect that 5 EVERY TIME and try to pull teeth that aren't loose for the 5 bucks.

My kid fake gags if I make him eat anything he doesn't like, how do I get him to stop?

My kid stands over me while I'm sleeping, just because they know I'll wake up, WHEN CAN I USE THE BATHROOM IN PEACE!!!!!


Having a kid, and being a parent is like a constant trial and error run throughout their entire lives. Everything doesn't work for everyone.

As many days I've cried out of frustration, I thank God for the days I smiled because of the gift He's given me.

Being a mother is hard, but it's worth it.




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