Sleepily he mumbled "happy birthday babe."
I softly replied "thanks babe," and proceeded back to snuggling against his bare skin.
I'm 34.

On social l media I posted "Gods grace, is sufficient."
I meant that with every fiber of my being.
I'm 34.

Growing up, my daddy would call each birthday and say "Hey Chalina Nicole, do you feel any different today?"
I always laughed, then replied "no daddy."
But today was different.
I'm 34.

It may seem remedial or trivial or unimportant to you, but I'm THIRTY FOUR!!!!!!!!

God has kept me, when I couldn't keep myself.
And by no means am I having a pity party, I am celebrating life!
34 bro, 30 freaking 4.

God is amazing.
I've been abused, sexually, mentally, verbally and emotionally.
I've been homeless,
I've attempted suicide,
I've been in college FOREVER,
I've been broke,
I've miscarried,
The list goes on and on,

Gods grace has been more than sufficient.

I was so happy today celebrating my birthday doing the most simplest things.
In my weak places He's strengthened me.
I'm grateful to celebrate waking up,
My child and loved ones waking up,
The full functionality of our limbs and organs,
For literally not being where I was yesterday or last month or last year,
For being closer and closer to being debt free,
For the ability to recognize the tests, and challenges and push through them,
For love,
I could go on forever, but you get my drift.

34 bruh,

I don't always see the light at the end of the tunnels of opposition,
But I refuse to succumb to my circumstances,
There's a path specifically designed for me to follow,
My platform is being built as I type,
My faith can waver, that's just being honest,
But it's never destroyed,
As a result of his graciousness I am still going,

We have to learn how to TRULY be still and listen,
We have to learn how to be specific in the requests we make known to God.
We have to diligently put for the effort, toward achieving said requests,
I'm learning,
I'm 34,

My baby scored his first touchdown today, the last flag football game of the season!
My babe treated me to the best laughs, over sushi and red bean ice cream for lunch,
He then followed up by making a bomb ass dinner,
On top of these things, the LOVE I was showered with today via text, calls and social media ....
Well, thank you.

My heart is so full today in more ways than one.
I just thank God for covering me, through it ALL!
Not that I'm a millionaire or on celebrity status...yet,
But the kid told me "goodnight mom," and he never says that first,
I am thankful for who Chalina is in this very moment.

34 my dude, 34.




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