Issa Celebration!!!

The trickle of pee that teetered its way out laughing while pregnant,
The sleepless nights, while your baby nestled itself in your ribs,
The morning sickness,
The contractions,
The stitches,
The post natal hair loss,
The post partum depression,
The poop that got on your finger, after a blow out diaper,
The saliva that dripped in your mouth as you held them above you to play and talk to them,
The Gregory Hines tap dancing along your back as you sleep,
The raw nipples, to nourish them with your liquid gold,
The deafening cries because you didn't let them eat pennies,
The stretch marks,
The delayed snap back,
The PTO days you used for pink eye, rash, the flu,
The time you forgot you were the tooth fairy,
The late nights wrapping Christmas presents,
The embarrassing tantrums in Walmart,
The nights you cried out of frustration,
The diagnosis of autism,
The tiny fingers under the bathroom door when you are trying to poop,
The Uber service you provide to their endless extracurricular activities,
The RIP to the personal life you once knew,
The mornings you smell their breath to make sure they brushed their teeth well,
The nights you have to repeatedly tell them not to wear their underwear backwards,
The moments where you stopped pretending everything was ok, 
The parent teacher conferences because of the BAD grades,
The bed time stories,
The night lights,
The miscarriages,
The ones in Heaven,
The graduations, from Pre-K through College,
The tears you shed on their first day of school,
The tears you shed when they went to Prom,
The things they've put in the toilet, including themselves and you had to take out,
The laughs at their jokes that really made no sense,
The intense trivia about the best basketball players,
The nail shops visits, knowing they'll chip the paint later that day,
The role you play as mediator when they fight,
The fact that your feelings hurt when you punish them, 
The parts of movies you missed, because they have to pee,
The arguments, 
The fallouts,
The distance,
The lessons learned,
Through it all the unconditional love is always there,
And if anyone fails at acknowledging it, just know I appreciate you!
Don't let anyone pee in your Cornflakes today, you deserve to be celebrated!!!

Happy Mothers Day ladies!!!!



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    1. Thank you my beautiful friend, I hope you enjoyed your mothers day!!


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