As I scurried up 85 North, I chased clear skies anticipating the view of the sun as it set.
Back to Guilford County I go.
I hadn't gone grocery shopping, my hair needed washing, nor had I prepared for the week ahead.
Mentally I just knew I'd have it figured out by Monday (its now Monday, and I still don't lol), BUT staying in Charlotte for the weekend, had been well worth my decision to wing life for the next 24 hours.
It had been raining all week and to be honest, I was sick of it.
I was just ready to enjoy some girl time, get cute, wear makeup and remain unscathed from the humidity and random downpours.
And I did just that.
Minus the occasional drizzle here and there, I was so thankful to have survived a practically rain free Saturday and Sunday.
It was a blessing celebrating new beginnings with a close friend before she transitions from fiancé to wife.
I ate good, released some tightly wound inhibitions, and mellowed out on hookah.
It had been a dope weekend to say the least.
It was time to get back to reality.
I shifted up and back down the entire way home.
Due to sporadic downpours the entire way home, my anxiety crept in as I hoped and prayed each driver was just as focused as I was on the road.
Then I thought about Tylor.
She's my youngest niece.
She has a heart of gold, creamy almond skin, and the most adorable little voice.
She'd just turned 7 on the 19th.
And I had missed her birthday.
"Really Auntie Lena?"
As I coast through sheets of rain, I became riddled with guilt.
How could I do that to her?
I loved her so much, and I couldn't help but feel disappointed in myself for not making time.
Finally approaching my exit, with tears streaming down my cheeks I prayed that I'd be able to make it up to her.
And I will.
In the meantime ...

Lord thank you for allowing her to maintain her innocence in this monster of a world we live in. Thank you Lord for her quick wit, and skinny armed hugs. Thank you Lord for her laughter, her jokes, the way she epitomizes unconditional love for her mother. Lord thank you for her snaggled tooth smile. Thank you Lord for the privilege of being her Aunt. 

I had a moment of sadness, as I've missed my niece a great deal, but all in all I felt inspired. After sharing two days with such incredibly talented, highly educated, chill, GORGEOUS, and fashionably conscious women, I wanted to go harder and stay the course. It's amazing how motivation can be sparked in the most unsuspecting circumstances. Thanks Ladies!!! 

As I opened the trunk, a splash of rain bounced off the tip of my nose. I was home. I was refreshed. I felt restored.

I needed that. 





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