I can hear every little thing....

A series of crickets chirping,
The occasional sound of water whisking through tires as cars drive along drenched streets,
The shuffling noises of a dog indicates my neighbor in 2E is home,
The soft etching of the pencil bae uses to create brings me back,
We have no power. 

Moments ago,
I was waiting for him to come home,
I had just talked my friend off a money ledge, describing the severity of the storm to her.
It rained in sheets,
The wind sprayed mercilessly in every direction,
The thunder clapped with rage,
Sporadically lightning, lit up the sky,
Our lights flickered,

I checked my phone...49%.
Then within seconds....they were off for good.
Well until Duke Energy came......whenever that would be.
I instructed him to drive carefully and informed him the power was out.
He knew.

As he had turn onto our street, the entire left side blacked out...

I lit candles,
Fruity Pebbles would be dinner tonight,

The sunset,
Still no power.
As much as I love this fleece robe,
It gotta go...
I hated being hot, without the option to cool down.

Clanking noises in my fireplace,
Wind whistling above,
He's finished sketching,
We discuss the dopeness of his idea.
The thunder resurfaces as a soft rumble,
Drops of rain trickle atop the fireplace....

Where the F is DUKE ENERY???!!!

I tugged at my imaginary collar,
As I loosened my imaginary tie,
I felt gross,
The trickle increased into a pour,
I guess another storm is rolling through.


Prayers to whomever they're for.

I think I'm suffocating,

And so it has began....again.
In a thunderous fury,
Wind swept across rooftops,
My living room illuminates with flashes of lightning,
Snaps of thunder follow.

I just got my car washed this is some bull.....

Soft music swoons me into my bedroom,
That's my queue.




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