Blessing in disguise

Bennie is back.
After traveling 15 hours one way, 
An incident in the car,
The tolls,
The disagreements with family,
He is back.

I've been wanting to write about my experience and why I had to go get him, but it's irrelevant.

I was so infuriated about it all...until God opened my eyes.
It was the experience of a lifetime.

A road trip with my mom and my two youngest nieces.

I felt like a kid again.
She made sandwiches and had fruit.
We all laughed and talked.
And much needed quality time with my youngest niece whom I hardly see.

It was a blessing.

That drive was INSANE but beautiful to say the least.

The talent God had in creating this earth is just...breath taking.

I thought that the trip was going to be a rough one after being in the car about 45 minutes and having an incident I could've never imagined happening.

But God.....

He just has a way of checking you for the important stuff.

Once I realized in the grand scheme of things, everything and everyone was fine, I kept going.

When we started to drive though the mountains, my heart was so full at how peaceful it was.


I had been stressed.

The entire summer practically, over things that are beyond my control.
Not in a place yet where I was ready to let go and truly submit to Him.
Missing my son like crazy...

And there they were,

The imperfectly perfect mountain tops clothed in fog.

I was blessed with the opportunity to drive through them early in the morning,

I was able to witness the sunrise, the fog set, the temperature change, and the fog clear.

How gracious is He?!

On top of that, I was able to FINALLY to see my baby in person!

I think God has a way of reminding us that our experiences aren't for us, it's for His glory.

The impact that trip had on me, the burden of missing my child relieved, and the joy that filled my heart spending time with my family was worth every penny that was spent.

Since he has been back I am really trying to hone in on intentionality. Changing the narrative of my thoughts and actions. 

Because to be honest, I was TIGHT about having to make that trip for more reasons that one.

It is literally taking it day by day, hour by hour, and sometimes minute by minute. Who am I in Christ? Am I being obedient? (not always) Am I willing to let go of things that are no longer purposeful?(struggling)

Like those mountains, my fog is starting to clear. I am nervous at times of the things to come, but I know they are necessary.

Anyhow the kid is back.

And at times, he still puts his underwear on backwards.

I am grateful.




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