The Stranger Part 2

So I wrote this post the day after I posted part 1.  I was just undecided on whether or not I'd post it because I don't want to come off as though I am dwelling in this or making it bigger than what it actually is.
The truth is…
It is bigger! For generations men have been creating families all over the place. Time passes, and when these men die, it leaves children wondering who their family really are, and leaving others in disbelief and denial.
So I'm posting this, whether you want to read it or not. This is the truth for so many of us including myself. 
I thanked God for keeping my daddy because one, he was not the father to my brother and I his father was to him. My daddy had his struggles (which we’ve all had) but, he did not abandon his responsibility. I don’t know the full story, so I shouldn’t judge, I just always felt it wasn’t fair. Secondly in spite of his circumstances, he made a way.
Absentee fathers do not understand the lifelong impact they cause on fatherless children, I’d dare to say particularly boys. Note: Please don’t try to come for me, this clearly does not negate the fact that there are absentee mothers, and fatherless girls as well. Each child has a different coping mechanism used to deal with the void of “dad” not being as present as he should be, or present at all.
On another scale, there’s the missed opportunity of close familial relationships. Learning, loving and sharing life with siblings and other family you never knew, or barely know. Having a larger support system, just in case you need it, the list goes on…
On another scale…………………….
I mean for Pete’s sake! At the very least, if you aren’t going to be around, at least introduce them to your family!
I felt resentment, because my child is battling a similar struggle, and I just simply can’t relate to him or my dad. He loves someone that he barely knows. He yearns for him because of what he does know. It’s just complicated. I have to do whatever helps him sort through this process as a black male in America….Trumps America.
My God.
This is why I sang His praises in my last post. In spite of who Eddie Digsby was not, I’ve still managed to connect with some of my paternal relatives.
God will pave a way through a dirt road. It will take time to gather the material, and lay the foundation, but it will happen. We have to continue to trust the process. I thanked God for keeping my daddy, because JUST MAYBE… he is still here to finally establish a relationship with the other side of his family.
With that being said….I’m not trying to berate this man, I just wish he could’ve been there for my dad the way he may have been for his other children….BUT His plans are not our own. This happened the way it was supposed to.
“With that being said, and most importantly understood….” (The Friendzone Podcast reference from Dustin)
One monkey don’t stop a show!
The next post will be story time (funny hopefully)...........stay tuned


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