The End of an Era

Whew Chile!
The tears I'm fighting as I type!


I planned our vacation.
Attended the first wedding of the year,
We turned up at my baby 10th birthday party.
My best friend and sister went all out for my birthday.
I celebrated an engagement,
My eldest niece graduating,
Another wedding and finally...

An impromptu 15 hour road trip,
The beginning of the last year of  elementary,
My seventh year with my company,
A host of birthday parties,
Losing my transportation....
My mind,
My vision,
At times, my sanity.

New car,
Another journal entry,
Meal Prepping,
Saving money,
Learning to be intentional,
Embracing my reality,



New Year,
New City,
New Job,
New Beginnings.

While I'd love to fault 2018 for the demise of certain things,
I understand you can manifest things to go one way or another.

You breathe life into the things you focus on.
Be intentional.

My goal is to live life at a pace that works for me,
In a manner where I don't get so caught up in things,
I neglect who provided them for me.

My goal is to celebrate each small victory and love past reasonable doubt.

2018 has been the best learning experience thus far, 
What I've taken away from it all is gratitude,
Gods grace has carried me the entire way.
For that alone, I'm thankful.

Cheers to a new year!
God bless.



  1. You overcame a lot and continued to push forward. You truly are the definition of a strong black woman.


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