I said "yes"

For starters, hi friends!

I'm terrible with this consistency thing, but please don't give up on ya girl.

Moving along......

Melissa Fredericks. 

Keep reading.

I am personally shouting her out. If you aren't familiar, she is 1/2 of the Love Hour Podcast. A HEE-LA-REE-US and super informative podcast, featuring her and her husband Kevin Fredericks.  

Melissa articulates the experience of a woman so well I feel at times she knows me personally.

I am shouting her out because the book club page she has on Facebook, has moved me to post again.

So a while back Melissa began a "say yes" campaign. The premise is, what are you finally committing yourself to doing? 

For starters I feel like I have commitment issues to things I should do for myself, simply because I enjoy it.

So I've began the journey to saying yes.

I said yes April 13th to my future husband to be!!

And before the year ends, I am planning to yes to the following:

1. ME TIME, learning to say I will not be able to participate in something and being ok with it. 

2. I am trying to keep to myself until it's ready. 

3. I'm choosing to say yes to putting my vision to design to work. 

4. I'm saying yes to starting my blog back up.

It's hard for me to try and commit to something and then not be amazing at it. That's not practical at all.

So here I am....

On my laptop and on the toilet....multitasking. (moms feel me)

My days have been consumed by being a mom (which I feel like I've been sucking at), work (praying for better), the thing I'm not sharing just yet, and wedding planning.

Overwhelmed doesn't begin to describe how I feel at times.

When I get a second to myself, something happens.

I've been on hiatus for quite some time due to life, but then I realized everyone is experiencing "life" in their own way. Literally everything that you do on any given day that can be extremely under or overwhelming and for that reason Chronicles of the Lazy Natural has lived up to it's name.

I gave birth to Chronicles of the Lazy Natural a while ago and I know she has the potential to be bigger than what I see right now. 

With that being said, the show must go on.

I'd love for this blog to open up doors of opportunities for me to be free from corporate life. I want to be able to work at my leisure. Let my product work for me, while I take care of my family. To one day speak and pour into people the way others have poured into me.

So I am saying yes.

Yes to manifesting dreams into reality.

And getting off this toilet LOL

What are you saying yes to?

Until next time, peace.



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