Day 8 of the Apocalypse....

I thought yesterday was Friday.

It was not.

It was however my son's 12th birthday, a Sunday.

I know, I'm losing it.

After scaling 3 different grocery stores, I finally found pizza for our 4 person house party.

I shared ice cream cups with our neighbors so they could celebrate with us remotely.

Although this has put a lot of us in a bind for many different reasons, I love that this quarantine has been an opportunity for people to exercise their creativity.

I rocked out on my couch with DJ Dnice via Instagram.

I had truly enjoyed my Sunday.

Then came today.....

Roy Cooper decided to extend the cancellation of NC schools until May 15th.

All non essential businesses (movies, malls, spas, nail salons, barbershops etc) are also closed indefinitely.

The entire world is in timeout.

It looks like those end pieces of bread are going to come in handy after all.

Back to looking dumb I go.




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