Welcome back  *insert smiles*

We are in day 2 of the Apocalypse.

The coronavirus, not to be mistaken as the morning after a Cinco de Mayo turn up.....

You aren't laughing ooooook moving along lol.

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the entire world.....literally. Well practically the entire world. According to CNN everywhere except West Virginia.

As a result the market has plummeted, my 401 is down 32%, gas is cheaper than its been in 10 years ANNNNNNNDDDDDDDD..................the kids are out of school nationwide for 2 weeks straight possibly indefinitely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, this is not spring break.

It is a national state of emergency.

In two days I've fed these children of mine 67 times.

They asked me to watch as they performed a beautiful drum duet with pencils and books for me.

I've beat them at UNO multiple times.

Tried to be their makeshift teacher.......I suck at it.

Made idol threats......they know I'm not serious.

Had a minor panic attack because my daddy wouldn't answer the phone...bc you know corona.

Finished binge watching Locke & Key on Netflix with my husband, it was pretty neat.

Lastly attempted to work on touching up this blog......chile a work in progress.

Next task...

To find which store has bread, and guided meditation before bed.



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