Bored in the house. In the house bored.

We've been in this thing 7 weeks now.

My hair......chile just know it's a mess.

If I am being honest I've been struggling. Not the entire time, but I definitely have my days.

Manifestation has been on my heart heavily...

I can't write anything else until I allow myself this release. 

You are healthy,
You are loved,
You are prosperous,
Your family is healthy,
Your family IS love,
Your family is prosperous.

Your children will be educated,
Your children will enjoy their childhood,
Your children will not live in survival mode,
Your children are safe,
Your children will be mentally and emotionally free.
Your children will know it's OK to say no.

You will speak life into your circumstances,
You are equipped,
You are necessary,
You are profitable,
You will break generational curses,
You will bridge gaps,
You will walk through the right doors.

You will have a successful marriage,
You are not what you despise,
You will close on that home,
You will not stay in debt,
You are a provider,
You will not live paycheck to paycheck.

Your business will succeed,
You will pay your tithes,
You will pay it forward,
You will volunteer,
You will advocate for those that can't.

You will write your vision,
You will maintain a budget,
You will not spend frivolously,
You will enjoy life,
You will go on vacation,
You will invest.
You will get life insurance.

You will breathe,
You will bathe in the sunlight,
You will find peace in the storm.

You will because HE is.




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