My Brother's Keeper

I just spent the better half of the last hour video chatting my baby brother as he walked home.

I spent that time in full mommy mode fussing at him for walking that late at night.

I spent that time messaging my other brother trying to get him to go pick him up.


He was also walking.

To the store.

I'm video chatting my baby brother trying to keep my cool.

Asking questions about his exact whereabouts.

The story line.

Why he chose to walk home.

Paying attention to his background.

Going off because he gave a stranger a light.

Y'all my anxiety was on 1000!

As I type I just want to burst into tears.

I was just on edge the entire time.

So my baby brother finally walks into the house.

My other brother still isn't there.

I'm freaking out, but still keeping my cool.

I call him, he doesn't answer.

I text him, he doesn't respond.

I call my baby brother back to see if he made it back yet.

He says no.

I call my other brother back.

He answers, I hear the door opening.

He's home.

My heart rate is sky high.

This is anxiety.

Because we can die for being Black.

My brothers were just going about their usual routines.

I um.....

I am worn out.




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