The Black Projek

This is a bit different for me....but necessary.

Amidst the calamity that is 2020,
Protesting every single day, has become a part of our routines.

Our community is unified in supporting and buying Black.

For years I've made it a point to silently donate to Black businesses.

Patronize Black businesses.

Promote Black Businesses.

Stand in solidarity with Black Businesses.

Today I want to share with you a Black Business that primarily features only black clothing.

The Black Projek.

This company was established a little over a year ago.....Birthed from an vision to give people an opportunity to shop for black items without using a filter. The online retailer is based in Atlanta, GA with the understanding that people may turn away if they have to pay outrageous shipping fees......

So they offer FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But wait there's more....

TPB always has the consumer in mind so they use locally sourced manufacturers. They also absorb all costs and are 100% debt free!

But wait there's more......

Not only do they have real time representatives that can assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the merchandise, they also offer exchanges AND refunds unless the item was final sale!

And one of the most important things in my personal opinion....

The merchandise is A-1 quality. I know this because I've worn the clothes. The fabric is breathable, comfortable and I looked amazing in it.

Last important note...

The owners are genuinely humble people. They will answer any and every question you have about The Black Projek. They will also take all suggestions on past, present and future items into consideration. 

They believe "black is the new black" and I couldn't agree more especially considering the climate of our nation right now.

I can be cute running errands, going on a date night, protesting #blacklivesmatter or working while wearing any variety or combination of items from The Black Project.

I thought I was done, but another thing stood out to me. I am 5'6 and a half, approximately 175 give or take a few pounds, 33...34.....44 1/2 are my measurements and they made sure to send me a small in the tops and large in the bottoms. Our bodies are not created equally, a small set would have been too small, a large set would have been too big. Having the option to choose the size I need speaks volumes.

I trust TBP with all of my black clothing needs and requirements. I trust the brand, what is behind the brand and the direction the brand is going into.

Shop now at tell them I sent you with my coupon code LenaTBP25. 




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