It is now August.

We are still in phase 2 of quarantine.


He asked if he could ride his bike to Sheetz.

I went with him.

He and I followed the traffic rules.

A woman chose not to.

She runs the light as she makes a left turn,

I screamed at Bennie "GO FASTER!!!!!"

I also scream at the lady,


She sped past Bennie barely missing him.

I felt helpless.

My kid was just trying to enjoy a bike ride.

He's already been isolated from his friends.

We don't live in the same city as our family,

The trampoline parks are closed,

The movies are closed,

And rightfully so....

But he was just trying to ride his bike!!!

The rain is approaching,

There's a muggy breeze in the air,

Beats of sweat pool on my brow,

The light is red.

He begins crossing the street,

The bag of goodies struggling on the handle bar.

He makes it to the median,

Then it happens again,

She never looks up...

She's scrolling.....

She eases the gas.....

I scream "HEYYYYYY!"

She hits her break.

Bennie keeps pedaling.

He's across the street now.

We make it safely home.

Y'all wonder where I've been???


But I have nothing left.

I type and delete.

Type and save.





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