Almost 30 years ago......

 7 and 8?

Maybe 8 and 9...idk either way it was forever ago.

My brother and I got new bikes for Christmas and the only place I could ride because I was girl...

Was in the cul-de-sac behind my Grandma house.

She lived in the blue house on the first street.

Across from the infamous housing projects Fairview Homes.

Random memory, my daddy would make us ride the bus with him to church instead of riding with my Grandma and Papi. The bus stop was on the sidewalk in front of Fairview Homes. 

I hated it. LOL


Because I was only allowed in the cul-de-sac, my brother was sweet enough to ride in it with me.

Until I realized it was primarily to taunt me.

The thing is, he rode wayyyy better than I did.

He learned first.

He could stand up.

Ride with no hands.

Ride really fast swerving without falling.....

And well me.....I could just ride.

I took my bike out first one afternoon, thinking I could work on my skills before he came out.

Before I knew it, I hear him pedaling fast behind me.

He was coming up on me so quickly I could feel him.

I'm screaming "STAAAAAPPPPP!!!!!"

Y'all know when Craig and Smokey chased down the kid on the bike and whooped him?

I was screaming like that kid.

He's laughing,

I'm speeding up.

He comes within inches of side swiping me then swerves off.

I'm so rattled I try to slow down, but hit the brake too hard.....

I fall off and slide across the concrete. Scraping my legs, elbows and hands.

I'm done.

My daddy is mad at my brother and now we both gotta go in the house.

My daddy cleans everything off with peroxide, then puts 1000 band-aids all over me.

I don't think I've rode a bike since.

Well until today.

It was so freeing.

I know imma be sore tomorrow tho.




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