Lord It's Me...Again

People don't like to read. I guess I shouldn't concern myself with them tho. To those of you that have been around from the beginning, I appreciate you more than words could ever describe.

I am NOT getting rid of my blog!

I do however, plan on gradually reinventing the wheel of Chronicles of the Lazy Natural.

Do I know what that will look like just yet? 

Of course not.

But I wanted my subscribers and visitors to know I am here. 

Here are a few updates:

1. I have a rising 4th and 9th grader.

2. Therapy has been a God send. (Everyone needs therapy, trust me)

3. I'm still dragging out hairstyles for at MAX, 2-3 months.

4. I am on a journey to lower my EXTREMELY HIGH cholesterol. (it's hard and daunting asf)

5. I am learning how to navigate familial relationships with grace and spirit vs. my flesh. (Keep me near Lord)

6. Bacon grease popped on my eyelid. (I think God was saying AHT! AHT!)

6. As a means of relaxing and decompressing,  I've started to incorporate atleast 1 bath a week. (followed by a shower of course)

7. Lastly, I've been journaling daily. It's an accountability measure for water and vitamin intake, what I eat, if I worked out, did I read and do devotionals...etc.

I hope that my journey inspires someone to live to be the best version of themselves. Run your own race and REST. You can't give 100% if you're tired. 

One last thing, give yourself grace. Please!




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