I Did It!!!

Throughout the process of establishing Chronicles of the Lazy Natural I've questioned is it worth it?

People not reading your blog. Loved ones not supporting you, the inconsistency and the unknown...is it worth it?

It (Chronicles of the Lazy Natural), is worth it.

I, am worth it.

I don't think any of the other things matter more than the development I've seen within myself building this platform over the last 4 years.

I've come to understand that some growth is lateral. There are different ways to engage audiences through script and images.

My niche is me. Being a homebody that enjoys decorating her home, spending time with my family and the occasional hair change (hence, The Lazy Natural).

I'm literally chronicling my life. While blogging hasn't been my primary focus over the last few years, I'm still here.

God has had his hand on me! I've sought a community and God is allowing me to build one! 

My first book club meeting for PJ'S & Pages was September 25th. I only expected 2 people to join and 5 people attended (1 member lives in CA)! One also submitted answers to discussion questions I provided because she lives in Dubai! 

We talked about the book, how our personal lives influenced our perspectives and even discussed how we have the privilege to make more emotionally intelligent decisions for ourselves because of modernization.

It was a vibe.

It was a blessing.

It was because of this blog, that has grown into a podcast, and a monetized page on Facebook that has allowed me to feel comfortable engaging and now hosting.

My first blog was titled, Start by Starting back in 2018. I did just that with my book club. It may seem small to some but hosting and Public Speaking makes my pits sweat.

God will prepare your table, you just have to sit down and eat. 

Oh, if you are interested in joining PJ'S & Pages, please let me know. (for women and those who identify as women only)




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