It's Not For Me and That's Ok

I trudged sleepily down the stairs to hit the remote start at 6:30am. The plan was to leave no later than 6:45 to avoid the Nightmare known as 77S traffic.


I couldn't stop yawning, it was too late to get coffee, pretzels and water it is.

Walking out of the garage, the bite of early fall hit me and I was grateful to have worn my Doc Martens and a knit blazer.

The drive to work included a sermon by Steven Furtick, prayers for increased visibility AND FINANCES and my dry ass pretzels.

I gotta stop procrastinating. I could have had a real meal.

After work, I decided to treat myself to a fill-in. I was still in the city and finally married myself to a nail shop that doesn't chop up my cuticles.

I scrambled through Instagram to locate the saved inspiration. I found the perfect color and we were off...

Until she claimed she didn't have the gold polish like the pic. 

Why Lord?

She chose a glittery gold instead and silently I cringed but went along with it.

The tech was phenomenal per usual, my nails were giving pumpkin spice greatness and the glitter...

Was making me itch.

I was tearing up down 40E calling my best friend to avoid having a meltdown.

Nail services are expensive!!! If I had just said no to the glitter and stuck to being a plain Jane, my skin wouldn't break out in hives each time I looked at my nails!!!

Exaggerated, but seriously tho!

She didn't answer.

I took a deep breath and planned for my next steps.

Ok, Chalina...

Which shop do you trust enough to redo your nails, not cut you, use gold NOT glitter and doesn't smell weird???

The one in Charlotte.

I didn't get my nails changed.

And I was late picking my son up from school.


Heading to body pump at the Y, late.

I've learned working in-office and spicy nail designs just aren't for me.

And that's ok.



  1. We like what we like and that’s ok… This was a great read. Also, taught me a lesson. Saying NO is important if it’s something that I don’t like.

    1. You're absolutely right. I was trying to step out of my comfort zone and should have just said no.


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