More Chronicles...

I want to have a candid conversation about the intersection of bonus and biological families.

I was raised by my non-biological Grandfather. Subsequently resenting my biological one.

I couldn't grasp and still struggle with understanding how a parent can seemingly forget their child exists, while raising their other children.

The flip side is my biological cousins, raved about the man my biological Grandfather was.

But my Daddy never got to experience that.

Then there's my non-biological Grandfather, whom I love dearly but he too has a very similar situation.

How does that happen?

I still love him but I definitely wonder what really happened.

Now that I'm older, I've forgiven my paternal Grandfather. But I have not forgotten. How can you forget when there's so much left untold? 

I wish I could articulate my point better.

There's an unspoken longing in my Dad's eyes.

A silent cry.

A wall.

I wonder if the Grandfather that raised me, children and Grandchildren feel the same as my Dad?

Whatever that feeling may be.

It's weird and unfortunate. 

How can you be everything to some and not even a memory to others?

Let's chat about it in the comments. 



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